Pragati Mathur

Pragati Mathur Pragati Mathur Pragati Mathur Pragati Mathur Pragati Mathur

Pragati Mathur is one of Bangalore's most well-known textile designer and weaving artist. With a degree in textile design and technology from the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, Pragati has over 20 years of experience and a Degree that includes a Gold Medal. Her passion for natural fibres, diverse yarns and materials, made her dabble with various products including tapestries, rugs, scarves, stoles, hand crafted textiles and sarees.

Traditional Motives & techniques are continuously re-interpreted to suit contemporary trends. Textiles involve layering, texturing, sculpting, exploration and experimentations. Pragati carries out her work with handloom weavers based out of Bangalore and surrounding areas. Her inspiration comes from looking at nature with insatiable eyes, experimenting with tools and unorthodox materials to create innovative and cutting edge hand-woven textiles. She works hard to hide the limitations of the machinery and techniques used when making fabrics and instillations.

Pragati has successfully showcased at the Windsor Manor Hotel - Bangalore, Follio - Bangalore, the Raintree – Bangalore, Hugli - Kolkata, Stylefile - Kolkata, Bajaj Bhavan - Mumbai and the Kerkar Art Complex in Goa. She has also created individual style fabrics as yardages for leading designers like Anshu Arora, Jason Cherian, Manoviraj Khosla, Anu Nagappa, Raj Shroff and Neetu Gupta of Ravage, Ikshenya Designs and House of Lesage-Paris and Souk Designs - Singapore. More recently she has created stand-alone instillations for the JW Marriot, in addition to commissioning works for a large variety of private clients.

Visit Pragati, all through Jaguar Trousseau Week 2014, who will not just have a Lounge to herself, but will also have a loom setup that will allow people to come and experience it.