Jaguar Trousseau Week '14

Lavish outfits of vibrant hues, whispered vows & a grand escape are stuff that dreams are made off and Trousseau Week makes these dreams come true. A landmark annual event, this extravaganza is a one-stop-destination for all those who are planning a fairytale wedding.

Trousseau Week was created & conceptualised by Uzma Irfan - Additional Director, Prestige Group & Founder, Sublime Galleria in 2010 with a vision to deliver the best of wedding planning. Today, this event has become one of the most premier and sought after wedding affairs in the country.

This year, the theme of the festival is "7 Steps to Forever" and taking a cue from each step that leads up to a wedding, the venue, The Collection at UB City, will be bedecked in glorious finery from 20th to 30th November 2014. The 5th Edition of Trousseau Week will celebrate the rich cultural diversity and traditions of the Indian Wedding. It will focus on the cultural heritage that defines weddings in the country, with special focus on indigenous artisans and their contribution to the handloom/handwoven industry.

The event will begin with a Grand Opening Night, which will, this time, deviate from the norm of a fashion show to witness a musical on the 7 Steps of a Marriage, directed by the famous Terence Lewis Production House. The musical will depict a modern day, full-fledged 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' and will be divided into seven acts, each of which will portray a plethora of Indian wedding traditions & cultures showcasing the life of a wedding through customised entertainment acts.

The 10-day event will then unfold to showcase a host of gala functions including an International Jazz Festival, a Pink Floyd Tribute evening, Couples Cook Out session with Toscano, Studio Shift and Bridal Make-up Sessions by Mirrors & Within. It will also bring forth the best of brands in wedding couture. For the third year in succession, renowned Mumbai-based jeweler A.S. Motiwala will display a collection - 'ASM Aisha', crafted especially for the festival. The collection will pay homage to diamonds, a quintessential aspect of all weddings and the 7 Steps to Forever.

In keeping with the "Traditional Indian Wedding" the fluid expanse of The Collection at UB City will be transformed to complement this theme. The venue will be accentuated with theme-based installations like an enormous wedding cake, a gazebo with a floral life size peacock on a table, a bejeweled groom pagdi, photo frame hangings & an in-lit elephant sculpture. Smaller rituals will also be depicted using similar installations. This edition will also pay special tribute to the artisans who have contributed immensely to keep this industry alive, and the festival will provide an opportunity to all visiting UB City to try their hand at weaving, guided by a weaver, at a handloom that will be installed there.

Trousseau Week was created to bring forth the best of wedding planning on one platform and provide all the ingredients that one requires for the perfect wedding celebration. During the festival, the country's most renowned wedding planners, photographers, designers, stylists, chefs & destination travel planners will be housed at UB City, in well-designed lounges, spread across the three floors of the mall. The festival will also, for the first time, witness the participation of all the exclusive brands housed at UB City, along with a host of other high-end Indian & International luxury brands.

Whether you are the bride or groom to be, or just another person weaving dreams of that ethereal wedding, visit us at Jaguar Trousseau Week 2014 and we will make sure that your fantasy is brought to life.


Organizer & Venue
UB City
Sublime Galleria